Surfer Magazine called up for a chat about surfing the Edges of Africa.  The interview appeared in the September 2014 Issue of Surfer






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Tales of surfing the Wild West of Africa featured in Issue 10 of Australia’s White Horses magazine from November, 2014.







Overland Magazine featured a story about our motosurf adventures called Carving the Coast in Issue 10 , February of 2015.












Our local paper in Santa Cruz, the Good Times, called into Egypt for a Skype chat about completing the circumnavigation of Africa. The story is featured in the February 25th, 2015 issue of the Good Times.



A story of finding Shelter in the Congo was featured on The Inertia in February of 2015 on The Inertia.






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The local Turkish news network Haberordu turned up on the beach in March of 2015 to do an interview to find out what a California surfer was doing in Turkey.  Never imagined my 15 minutes of fame would happen in Turkey.







A story about Running Down Rumors at the Bottom of Africa was featured in Issue 12 of Australia’s White Horses magazine from April, 2015.






Some German surf media folks got in touch for an interview in their Surf Trip Survival Guide out September, 2015


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