Turkish Delight

As we sped across the narrow channel separating the Greek Island of Chios from Turkey, I thought surf hunting was finished for a while, but I was getting used to being wrong.

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Get ’em to the Greeks

We rolled off the ship in Athens with rain stinging our faces, which set us immediately wondering why in the world we’d landed ourselves in Europe in February.

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We’re on a Boat

Perched at the edge of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula we’d run out of Africa to ride. With Syria off-limits, if we wanted to keep our wheels rolling, we would have to find a way across the Mediterranean. Continue Reading →

Holy Waters

Having been landlocked since leaving the Kenyan coast, we set off for the Middle East in the hopes of some waves to ride in the Mediterranean Sea and found ourselves tripping over one archeological marvel after another along the way.

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Surfing the Wild West

For ten months I combed the darkest corners of west Africa with my surfboard strapped to a motorbike.  I found countless empty waves, striking landscapes, and generous people.  I hope these scenes provide a flavor for the journey.

Motosurf Gear Review 2014

Plenty of dudes have an unhealthy preoccupation with gear of one kind or another and I’m no different. Shiny new things provide fleeting distraction from bits of day-to-day suffering, and preparation for a long journey provides an excellent excuse to fill your garage with stuff. Continue Reading →

Suitcase Surfers of Kenya

Jamie and I saddled up and rode west from the N’gorongoro crater, headed for the coast and hoping to find a wave to ride somewhere in Kenya.   Continue Reading →

Sliding Zanzibar

The Chinese Dream had seen better days than the one we rode out of Baobab Valley headed for the Tanzanian coast. Continue Reading →

The Mozambique Sandbox

Traversing the Kwazulu-Natal Coast of South Africa we didn’t know whether or not Mozambique would let us into the country. Continue Reading →

Cycles South

We reached Cape Agulhas at the leading edge of a storm and turned north to begin the journey back to the top of Africa along the east Coast of the continent.  Continue Reading →

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