Gary Conley

Wave slider, water scientist, wilderness walker, moto enthusiast.  On sabbatical from the 9-5 in search of the back of beyond.

Lover of kelp, sea otters, and redwoods – Northern California will always be home.  Above average midi-chlorian counts on a good day. Victim of an acute relapse of wanderlust, but lives to tell the tale.



Jamie Riggs-Nagy

Infectious disease tracker, backpacking junkie, avid swimmer, budding surfer, marauding meditator. Jamie quit her job as an epidemiologist for the County of Santa Cruz, sold most of her stuff, packed the rest into a tiny bag, and flew to South Africa to ride across Africa with Gary.  Her first time in Africa, Jamie aims to spy big cats in the bush, have tea with mountain gorillas, meet giggling village kids, and conquer Kilimanjaro.


Michael Schickenberg

Rock wall scaler, grommet wrangler, dirt jump hucker, ocean beach charger.  Michael used his entire summer break from teaching middle school English in San Francisco to ride from Cape Town to Tanzania.  He flew to Cape Town the day after school ended, bought a Chinese-manufactured dirtbike, bungeed his backpack to the seat, and rode it to death across 8 countries in Southern Africa.


Rebecca Frachette

Marketing guru, ultra-running fanatic, globe trotter. We met Rebecca in Africa running the entire length of Lake Malawi (360 miles!). She’s run a marathon on every continent on the planet and shows no sign of slowing down.  Rebecca has joined us on the journey from Europe to Mongolia, and runs off into the wilderness every time we make camp somewhere.



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