Edges of Africa – Part 1

A year and eight months tracing the coastlines of Africa in search of waves to ride. We found more adventure than we bargained for, kindness from wonderful people, a few wonders of the earth, and of course some epic waves.  This is how it all went down.

Meet the Nshongi Group

With some down time on Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, Jamie put together a movie of our time with our fellow primates in Uganda.

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Surfing the Wild West

For ten months I combed the darkest corners of west Africa with my surfboard strapped to a motorbike.  I found countless empty waves, striking landscapes, and generous people.  I hope these scenes provide a flavor for the journey.

Taming Tubby Thumpers

My baja excursion helped me learn how little I knew about how to ride a motorcycle in the dirt. Some practice was in order before heading off into a remote desert again on my own and the Central California OHV parks provided an excellent place to work on climbing hills, railing turns, and getting our tubby thumpers off the ground a bit.

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