Out of Step on the Vagabond Trail

Everything changed in Laos. Gone were the perfect tarmac roads, regularly spaced villages, and petrol stations. Continue Reading →

Good Morning Vietnam

We were delayed heading south from China by rain that came down in sheets as we hopped from one covered spot to the next. Continue Reading →

Manufacturing Stoke in the South China Sea

We rode south towards the Nan Mountains and as the temperature rose, the cornfields that had been a constant element of the scenery slowly transformed to rice, cotton, and sugarcane. Continue Reading →

Kung Fu Riding in the Middle Kingdom

Between daily servings of diesel dust we’ve found some places in China worth the work to get there. But with the regular visits of the local police to our door, truck backups, and an endless supply of cities, it isn’t exactly the overland adventurer’s dream destination.

Continue Reading →

The Slow Road through China

China wins no points in the moto-fun department, refusing to let us enter with our beloved motorbike Continue Reading →

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