Siberia, Interrupted

Siberia is vast. We had a whole lot of its bigness to get across. Continue Reading →

Making Tracks across Mongolia

Looking at the map, it seems that we’re about as far from an ocean as we could possibly be anywhere on the planet, about 500 miles northeast of the Mongolian border. Continue Reading →

The Stans Without a Plan – Part III

Dyna Rae was sputtering and coughing as we climbed into the stratosphere of Tajikistan and despite our efforts, the Tenere still wouldn’t start. Our fading hope was that the blue beast was just suffering her own bout of altitude sickness.

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The Stans Without a Plan – Part II

Jamie and I woke up from our lakeside campsite, high in Tajikistan’s Fann Mountains, washed the dust from our faces, and headed for Dushanbe. We were due to meet up with Mike and Rebecca there, but hadn’t heard a word as to the fate of our companions. Continue Reading →

The Stans Without a Plan – Part I

We really had very little idea about where we were headed after leaving the Caucuses. The extent of our information was something like this: Kazakhstan is enormous, it’s really hot in Uzbekistan, there is an awesome road called the Pamir Highway. First though, we had to get ourselves across the Caspian Sea.

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