Taming Tubby Thumpers

My baja excursion helped me learn how little I knew about how to ride a motorcycle in the dirt. Some practice was in order before heading off into a remote desert again on my own and the Central California OHV parks provided an excellent place to work on climbing hills, railing turns, and getting our tubby thumpers off the ground a bit.

Big Sur from the Top

Big Sur is one of the most picturesque stretches of the California coast with rugged craggy points flanked by the Santa Lucia Mountains that jump straight up from the coast to a height of over 5000 feet only 3 miles from the ocean. Continue Reading →

Finding the Lost Coast

In the fall of 2009, I walked with a group of friends along California’s Lost Coast with boards strapped to our backpacks that were full of food and gear to sustain us for 4 days.  As usual, things didn’t go according the plan. Continue Reading →

A Silly Idea

Buy a motorcycle, strap a surfboard to it, ride across a continent looking for waves.  Sounds a bit nuts, I know.  It gets bugs on my board.

Continue Reading →

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