Edges of Africa – Part 1

A year and eight months tracing the coastlines of Africa in search of waves to ride. We found more adventure than we bargained for, kindness from wonderful people, a few wonders of the earth, and of course some epic waves.  This is how it all went down.

Surfing the Wild West

For ten months I combed the darkest corners of west Africa with my surfboard strapped to a motorbike.  I found countless empty waves, striking landscapes, and generous people.  I hope these scenes provide a flavor for the journey.

Motosurf Gear Review 2014

Plenty of dudes have an unhealthy preoccupation with gear of one kind or another and I’m no different. Shiny new things provide fleeting distraction from bits of day-to-day suffering, and preparation for a long journey provides an excellent excuse to fill your garage with stuff. Continue Reading →

Out of Nairobi

Hey folks – Jamie has taken up the notebook and put together our latest update – enjoy!

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The North Shore of Mozambique

On our return to Dar Es Salaam, still stoked on getting some surf on Zanzibar, I motored out to have a look at a beach just outside the city center which reportedly had some decent waves once in awhile. Continue Reading →

Rhinos in the Bush, Skeletons on the Coast

I rode away from the Angola desert with my brain still full of memories of racing down watery walls above desert sandbars. Continue Reading →

Chasing Down Rumors in Angola

During the last few years, there have been murmurs of endless barreling lefthanders somewhere in Angola. Two weeks before I’d left California in September 2013, some video footage surfaced on the internet that would seem put to rest any doubt that there are world class waves to be found somewhere out there in the desert. Continue Reading →

Get Moving

Suffering a bout of bromantic nostalgia after some time on the road..

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Shelter in the Congo

I took a wrong turn getting back to the main road in Gabon and ended up riding in seven hours to cover what should have taken five by inadvertently back-tracking north.

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Surfing Hippos and Other Equatorial Legends

In 2004 National Geographic ran a story about a national park in Gabon with what they called ‘surfing hippos’ that make their way right into the surf zone from the adjacent estuary.  I’m not sure there’s a better way to enliven the imagination of an adventurer in Africa. Continue Reading →

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