Meet the Nshongi Group

With some down time on Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, Jamie put together a movie of our time with our fellow primates in Uganda.

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Mzungus in the Mist

Before we left Kigali, Jamie and I spied a large, bright green snake slithering about just beneath a highway overpass while walking to the market. Continue Reading →

Skirting the Serengeti and Seeking the Source of the Nile

We left Nairobi with a plan to circle Lake Victoria, which meant crossing into Tanzania for a third time since we entered east Africa. Continue Reading →

Suitcase Surfers of Kenya

Jamie and I saddled up and rode west from the N’gorongoro crater, headed for the coast and hoping to find a wave to ride somewhere in Kenya.   Continue Reading →

The Highs and Lows of Kilimanjaro

I’ve underestimated the difficulty of wilderness situations before and suffered for it, but even with that experience to draw from I still can’t seem to stifle my overconfidence in how far, high, and long I can go when I get moving. Continue Reading →

Sliding Zanzibar

The Chinese Dream had seen better days than the one we rode out of Baobab Valley headed for the Tanzanian coast. Continue Reading →

A Rift in the Heart of Africa

As we approached Victoria Falls, we could see a massive white plume of water vapor rising up in the distance that resulted from the explosion of millions of gallons of water hitting the pools at the bottom of the falls all at once.  Continue Reading →

Kalahari Beauty

Some of the most unique situations I’ve found myself in while traveling probably never would have happened if I weren’t wandering around on my own.   Continue Reading →

The Mozambique Sandbox

Traversing the Kwazulu-Natal Coast of South Africa we didn’t know whether or not Mozambique would let us into the country. Continue Reading →

Cycles South

We reached Cape Agulhas at the leading edge of a storm and turned north to begin the journey back to the top of Africa along the east Coast of the continent.  Continue Reading →

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